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Keeping Spiders at Bay

Need to rid your home of spiders, or keep them from moving in?

Consistent rain fuels the pest population growth, including that of spiders. Moisture helps the survival rate of spider eggs, thereby helping more spiders hatch. In heat waves, spiders leave their nests in very hot attics and venture into the home. While nearly all spiders produce venom, very few of them are poisonous or harmful to humans. Most spiders try to avoid contact with human beings as much as possible. Although they tend to stay out of the way, it doesn’t mean you want them in your cupboards, bed or shower.

Because their behavior is radically different, spiders require different kinds of pest control than insects. Spiders’ bodies rarely touch the ground, and unlike insects, they rarely clean themselves with their mouths. Spiders also build their webs high off the ground on non-treated surfaces and do not pick up pesticides that may have been sprayed. Standard methods of pesticide sprays do not work consistently with arachnids.

Eliminating spiders

Eliminate all food sources (bugs) by eliminating whatever is bringing bugs into your home. This might mean spraying pesticides for insects and removing all traces of human food debris.

The most effective way to control spiders is “contact kill.” So keep shoes and old newspapers around to kill them on sight.

• Keep any kind of firewood and logs that attract spiders away from the sides of your home.

• Look for places that spiders might be coming into your home – cracks or gaps in your home’s foundation or around windows and doors.

• Frequently vacuum and sanitize your home to discourage web building as well as other insect nesting.

For poisonous or particularly resilient spiders, a pest control company may be your best option. They have industry experience in removing different kinds of spiders and may be able to help you identify the type of spider in your home and find a good way to treat the problem. They also have access to stronger spider sprays than what you can buy in most stores.

Hope this helps keep your home free of wandering eight legged creepers.

Special thanks to: David Castro, for providing this valuable information. David Castro is the founder of Merlin’s Pest Control.

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