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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Want to enhance home curb appeal? Look to landscaping ideas such as: installing outdoor lighting, planting fresh perennials, and edging the beds. 1. Raise home curb appeal by creating privacy. Neighbors are great, but during outdoor activities you may suddenly feel like you are on display. What you need is some personal space away from

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What’s the Best Way to Rake Leaves?

A little planning makes this yearly chore easy to do. As fall approaches, many of us will witness that spectacular display of colorful leaves floating down from the trees. While it’s an annual ritual that creates some memorable moments, it’s not always pleasant to clean up the mess it leaves behind on our yards, driveways and

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Keeping Spiders at Bay

Need to rid your home of spiders, or keep them from moving in? Consistent rain fuels the pest population growth, including that of spiders. Moisture helps the survival rate of spider eggs, thereby helping more spiders hatch. In heat waves, spiders leave their nests in very hot attics and venture into the home. While nearly all spiders

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