Design Process - Envision Landscape Design

My Design Process


My main focus is discussing what is important to you and your family. This is achieved by discussing the elements of your lifestyle, the activities you enjoy, the visions you have for your new landscape, future use(s), then we discuss the process on how we bring the Dreamscape you Envision come to life.

From here the anticipation sets in and the excitement starts once you receive the first set of images of your new Dreamscape. As you review these images, revisions are discussed and new images are brought forth for further review. This is the key to a successful design. Your ideas, coupled with the suggestions I make allow your design to become what you have always dreamed of. Together we bring your Dreamscape Vision to Life.

Once your design has been finalized, we get to work and introduce you to a qualified contractor. I work with several who are well known, highly experienced and conduct their business with the utmost integrity. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. However, beyond the introduction(s), I also provide you with the blueprint of your design so you can obtain an independent quote, should you desire. This allows you to get an apple to apple comparison on project costs. This is of course entirely up to you. Many of my clients are completely comfortable working with the contractor I recommend.

Last and definitely not least. You now have the Dreamscape you have always Envisioned that will be used to celebrate all of the important events that unfold. Marriages, graduations, first baby, first grandbaby, birthdays, and cherished time with friends and family as you gather and to spend time together and create the memories that you'll cherish forever. Call us today and let's get started on bringing the Dreamscape You Envision to Life.